Monday, October 1, 2012

Hiring a Bounty Hunter or Fugitive Recovery Agent in California

When hiring a Bounty Hunter or Fugitive Recovery Agent or Agency in California there are many things you should consider. As a Bail Company we understand the liability aspect of this end of the business where as many Bounty Hunters and Bail Fugitive Recovery Agents have no clue. It is a common misconception by many agents in this state that their actions may be justified by the famous Taylor v. Taintor federal case. The reality is California only regulates the qualifications of bail fugitive recovery personnel and provides no protection under the Taylor v. Taintor federal case. Therefore the only law sure to be upheld is civilian. For example, if an agent breaks and enters a home in search of his fugitive, he has committed a felony and the bondsman who hired them can be held liable for the illegal actions of their hired agent(However, this could be done legally if the Agent has proper knowledge of the law.). In many cases legal action could be taken over a few poor choice words. The list of examples could go on forever.

The point is California is not like many other states where Bounty Hunters and Bail Fugitive Recovery Agents have protections and set guidelines under the law. In California it is crucial that you choose personnel who thoroughly understand the law and liability of recovering bail fugitives. "Fugitive Recovery Training Academies" are popping up all over California and many of them are teaching students they have protection and justification under laws that do not exist or apply to this business. The industry is being flooded with these inexperienced and poorly trained individuals. Do not risk a lawsuit that will surely put your business under by making the mistake of hiring such personnel.

Something else you should consider is the odds of the Bounty Hunter/Fugitive Recovery Agent or Agency getting you your exoneration. To many fugitive recovery personnel a forfeiture period may seems like plenty of time, and the worst case scenario form them is they don't make an arrest and they don't get paid. As Bondsmen, we all know every minute counts and the consequences for the bonding company are far worst. By starting the hunt immediately and using tactics that are not only liability free but are very effective, we are able to capture fugitives much faster and in some cases force the fugitives to immediately surrender. With the use of correct tactics and investigation techniques not only are the odds of capture increased but the chances of legal liability are drastically reduced.

Why waste your time with Bounty Hunters and Fugitive Recovery Agents that do not understand the law or understand the importance of a capture? Hire a company that understands.

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